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TWIG Bundle (3 Pack)

TWIG Bundle (3 Pack)

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 The TWIG is a 5" stick bait worm lure that comes in a pack of 7.
  1. Unmatched Sink Rate: The 'TWIG' boasts an incredible sink rate that's guaranteed to get the fish's attention. This fall rate for the stick bait style lure is extremely enticing to the fish and will trigger bass to pounce.

  2. Realistic Presentation: Fish can be discerning, but they won't be able to resist the lifelike appearance of the 'TWIG.' Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this soft plastic worm mimics the movements and texture of real prey, fooling even the most finicky fish into striking.

  3. Versatile Design: One of the standout features of the 'TWIG' is its remarkable versatility. Whether you're chasing bass, trout, pike, or walleye, this lure's adaptability ensures it's up to the task. The 'TWIG' can be used in various fishing techniques, including drop-shotting, Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, and more.

  4. Durable and Long-Lasting: Made from high-quality, resilient materials, the 'TWIG' is built to withstand the rigors of fishing. It won't tear easily, ensuring you get plenty of use out of each lure. Spend less time re-rigging and more time reeling in the big ones!

  5. Irresistible Color Options: Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors and patterns that cater to various water conditions and preferences. From natural hues to bold, attention-grabbing shades, the 'TWIG' has a color for every angler.

  6. Environmentally Friendly: We're committed to responsible fishing practices. The 'TWIG' is crafted with eco-friendly materials and processes, minimizing its impact on the environment while maximizing its appeal to fish.

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